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Each week, we’ll dive into the top news happening around the Middle East to discuss the stories behind the headlines. With the proliferation of regional conflicts and political drama, we will break down the major developments, provide insight from some of the foremost experts, and have fun while we’re at it. Off the Hookah with Phil and Cooper is a production of Al-Monitor.

Episode #027: Kirkuk the Books

by Phil & Cooper Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017

Last month's independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan angered a lot of its neighbors, and this past week saw the Iraqi army (with help) run the Kurds out of the contested territory of Kirkuk. Does this sound confusing? Phil and Cooper explain Kirkuk's importance in the Middle East, and how this scramble might affect the future of the region. Also, the Iran Deal and the Off the Hookah mail bag.

Song: Kathem Al Sahir - Chouby Akhz el Helwa (feat. Shakshaka) (iTunes | Spotify | YouTube)

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