Clean energy

Gulf states’ quest to find 'new oil' turns to hydrogen

Unrivaled expertise in the energy industry and a growing global market for hydrogen is pushing Gulf oil exporters to invest in the global realignment toward cleaner energies.

Sebastian Castelier | Clean energy | Feb 16, 2021
al-monitor A picture taken on Jan. 16, 2021, shows solar panels used to generate renewable energy at the Sustainability Pavilion during a media tour at the Dubai Expo 2020, a week ahead of its public opening, in the United Arab Emirates. The six-month world fair, a milestone for the emirate, which has splashed out $8.2 billion on the eye-popping venue in the hope of boosting its soft power and resetting the economy, will now open its doors in October 2021. Photo by KARIM SAHIB/AFP via Getty Images.

Egypt to begin project to convert sand into solar panels

Egypt signed with a Chinese company a cooperation protocol to locally manufacture sand-to-cell photovoltaic solar panels, in the first such project in the region.

Rasha Mahmoud | Clean energy | Feb 4, 2021

New solar park to ease Iraqi governorate's power shortage

A solar energy park to be funded by the European Union is expected to help lessen Dohuk's daily power cuts in two years.

Joe Snell | Clean energy | Feb 20, 2020

How this solar energy project will meet Palestinians’ electricity needs

The Palestine Investment Fund is carrying out a project to build solar energy power stations in the Palestinian territories in order to meet electricity needs.

Ahmad Abu Amer | Clean energy | Nov 10, 2019

Palestine seeks to achieve energy independence

Seeking to reduce its huge dependence on Israel, Palestine is set to establish waste-to-energy and solar power projects.

Entsar Abu Jahal | Clean energy | Oct 29, 2018