Alliance with ultra-Orthodox could bring Netanyahu down

Israelis are furious with the ultra-Orthodox, who have opened their education institutions despite high rates of coronavirus infection.

Mazal Mualem | Education | Oct 20, 2020
al-monitor Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky (C), 93 years old and one of the main spiritual leaders of ultra-Orthodox Jews, reads the book of Esther during the feast of Purim at a synagogue in the Israeli city of Bnei Brak on March 20, 2019. Photo by MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP via Getty Images.

Yazidi students achieve highest marks in Iraq entrance exams to universities

Despite difficulties in refugee camps, Yazidi students achieved the highest marks on the entrance exams to Iraqi universities.

Saman Dawod | Yazidis | Oct 14, 2020

Bedouin students fear losing their school in Area C

Israel prepares to demolish a newly constructed school in a Bedouin community near Ramallah in a move that is set to deprive 50 children of their right to education.

Ahmad Melhem | Education | Oct 14, 2020

Iran in shock after 11-year-old boy commits suicide over poverty

The suicide of an 11-year old boy from a destitute family has sent shock waves across Iranian society, further highlighting the questions of growing poverty and state neglect.

Al-Monitor Staff | Education | Oct 13, 2020

Egyptian schools to add Chinese language

China is growing its ties to Egypt with a deal with the government for Egyptian schools to offer the Chinese language.

Muhammed Magdy | China in the Mideast | Sep 18, 2020