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Hamas calls for dismantling American field hospital for failing to provide needed services

Hamas refused to deal with the newly established American field hospital in the Gaza Strip and prohibited its citizens from visiting it, saying that the medical center is not providing services for difficult cases, such as cancer, as agreed upon in the truce understandings with Israel.

Hana Salah | Gaza | Jan 26, 2021
al-monitor Palestinian protesters wounded during clashes with Israeli forces receive treatment from Red Crescent members in a field hospital during a demonstration along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, June 22, 2018. Photo by Mahmud Hams/AFP via Getty Images.

Abbas' rival Dahlan coordinates UAE aid to Gaza as Palestinian elections near

The United Arab Emirates has sent a new medical aid shipment to the Gaza Strip, the second in a month, to help cope with the coronavirus crisis, raising questions about the role of Fatah’s dismissed leader and President Mahmoud Abbas’ archrival Mohammed Dahlan.

Rasha Abou Jalal | Gaza | Jan 15, 2021

Turkey’s political divide spills over to treatment of critically ill infants

Children suffering from a deadly neuromuscular disorder have found themselves at the heart of political polarization in Turkey after the opposition called for extra funds for their ultra-expensive treatment.

Menekse Tokyay | Health and medicine | Jan 11, 2021

Egypt launches first monitoring tobacco center in region as smoking on the rise

In cooperation with the World Health Organization, Egypt launched the first observatory to monitor tobacco companies in the Middle East, as the country faces a growing number of tobacco users.

Rasha Mahmoud | Health and medicine | Jan 4, 2021

No relief in sight for Mideast hotspots after catastrophic 2020

Conflict, disease, famine compound crises in Gaza, Yemen, Syria.

Week in Review | Coronavirus | Dec 4, 2020