Humanitarian crises

UN calls for Yemen aid, warns Houthis’ Marib offensive ‘must stop’

With millions of Yemenis "just one step away from famine," the UN called on countries to pledge generously at next month's donor conference.

Al-Monitor Staff | Yemen war | Feb 18, 2021
al-monitor A fighter sits in a "technical" (pickup truck mounted with turret) as forces loyal to Yemen's Saudi-backed government clash with Houthi rebel fighters around the strategic government-held "Mas Camp" military base, in al-Jadaan area about 50 kilometers (31 miles) northwest of Marib in central Yemen, on Nov. 22, 2020. Photo by AFP via Getty Images.

Flooding renders thousands of displaced Syrians homeless in northwest

Weeks of heavy rains have created immense hardship for Idlib residents, who are already contending with the war between rebel groups and the government.

Al-Monitor Staff | Humanitarian crises | Jan 29, 2021

Congressional Democrats and Republicans rebuke Trump admin over Houthi terror designation

The designation of Yemen's Houthi forces as a foreign terrorist organization has been met with criticism from both the House and the Senate.

Adam Lucente | Yemen war | Jan 12, 2021

Humanitarian disaster looms over camps during winter

The lives of thousands of Syrian families in the Idlib camps lives turn into hell every year with the start of winter amid the lack of heating and rainwater drainage.

Sultan al-Kanj | Idlib | Jan 3, 2021

UAE steps up medical aid to Gaza

The UAE and Qatar are neck and neck in the Gaza Strip, with both parties pumping money and aid into the besieged enclave that is struggling under tough economic, humanitarian and health conditions made worse by the coronavirus.

Ahmad Abu Amer | Coronavirus | Dec 23, 2020