Start-ups and entrepreneurship

Moroccan activist calls for revolution of ideas

While female entrepreneurship is steadily increasing in Morocco, cultural barriers stand in the way of women achieving their full economic potential.

Shahira Amin | Women’s rights | Aug 3, 2020
al-monitor An undated image of Sana Afouaiz, a Moroccan social entrepreneur and women's rights advocate. Photo by TWITTER/unwomenarabic.

UAE students stir fashion market demand amid COVID-19

Two UAE students are taking advantage of the lockdown imposed to contain the coronavirus outbreak in order to grow their sustainable fashion line.

Kim Kelaita | Start-ups / entrepreneurship | May 14, 2020

Upper Egypt publisher fights for survival

Hypatia Publishing House, which takes its name from an executed Platonic thinker, aims to put Upper Egypt on the literary map.

Ahmed Fouad | Start-ups / entrepreneurship | Mar 20, 2020

Can Egypt sweeten deal for small beekeepers?

Egypt organizes its first beekeepers festival, but small producers wonder whether their presence will make a buzz.

Rami Galal | Art and entertainment | Oct 12, 2019

Centuries on, Lebanese national liquor still makes eyes water

Lebanon's beloved arak is similar to other anise-based drinks like Greek ouzo or Turkish raki, but it still enjoys a distinct and proud local tradition.

Sam Brennan | Cultural heritage | Jun 19, 2019