Water Issues

Egypt backs Sudan’s new proposal on Nile River Dam

Egypt announced its support for the Sudanese proposal to develop the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam negotiations mechanism, by forming an international quartet for mediation and that observers believe aims to pressure Ethiopia to make concessions in the negotiations and sign a binding agreement between the three parties.

Ahmed Gomaa | Water Issues | Mar 2, 2021
al-monitor Sudan's Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Yasser Abbas (C) participates in a videoconference with his Egyptian and Ethiopian counterparts (unseen), Khartoum, Sudan, Nov. 1, 2020. Photo by Ebrahim Hamid/AFP via Getty Images.

Egypt boosts ties with Burundi — with eye on Turkey

Egypt seeks to strengthen its ties with Burundi and the Nile Basin countries in a bid to curb Turkey’s expansion in East Africa, to protect its national security from any threats.

Mohammad Hanafi | Water Issues | Feb 25, 2021

Egypt forges ahead with campaign to make the Nile 100% plastic free

The VeryNile initiative has been working since 2018 to remove plastic waste from the Nile River and has launched a project to support the fishermen of Cairo by providing them with additional income and access to health services.

Azza Guergues | Environment and nature | Feb 23, 2021

Egypt turns to Russia for help with desalination plants amid Nile dam crisis

Egypt is seeking to move forward in the implementation of new seawater desalination projects in cooperation with Russia, to cover its water deficit amid the stalling negotiations on Addis Ababa’s dam on the Blue Nile.

Ahmed Gomaa | Water Issues | Feb 22, 2021

Biden to review Trump's freeze on aid to Ethiopia over Nile dam

The Trump administration froze some aid to Addis Ababa in August over its stance on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Al-Monitor Staff | Water Issues | Feb 20, 2021