Egypt unveils restored Isis Temple 150 years after its discovery

Egypt inaugurates the restored Temple of Isis in Aswan as part of the government’s efforts to revive the tourism sector.

Rasha Mahmoud | Cultural heritage | Jan 25, 2021
al-monitor Aswan Governor Ashraf Attia (L), Egyptian Tourism Minister Khaled al-Anani (C) and Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mustafa Waziri (R) stand in the restored Temple of Isis in Aswan on Jan. 15, 2021. Photo by Aswan governorate.

Visitors can begin to follow Jesus along Egypt's Holy Family Trail

Cairo has completed work on the first stops on the Holy Family Trail, a path connecting locations believed to have been visited by the Holy Family 2,000 years ago while fleeing King Herod’s soldiers.

A correspondent in Egypt | | Jan 24, 2021

Egypt announces first major archeological discovery of 2021

The latest archeological discovery at Cairo’s Saqqara necropolis includes coffins dating back some 3,000 years, a funerary temple and other treasures.

Alaa Omran | | Jan 23, 2021

Islamic State kills 1, wounds 3 in Sinai

The Egyptian peninsula's deadly insurgency lingers on.

Al-Monitor Staff | Islamic State | Jan 22, 2021

Blinken warns Nile Dam talks could ‘boil over’

Biden’s nominee to be secretary of state promises "fully engaged” US policy in Horn of Africa, as the crisis between Ethiopia and Sudan escalates.

Week in Review | Water Issues | Jan 22, 2021