Egypt sentences activist Sanaa Seif to 18 months in prison

Seif, who had been in pretrial detention since June, was convicted Wednesday of spreading false news and misusing social media.

Al-Monitor Staff | Human rights | Mar 17, 2021
al-monitor Egyptian rights activist Sanaa Seif stands in a street after being released from the Sayeda Zeinab police station in Cairo at the end of a prison sentence on Nov. 15, 2016. Photo by AFP via Getty Images.

Egypt seeks to block Turkish influence in Chad

Egypt is making every effort toward rapprochement with Chad to counterbalance Turkey’s influence in the African continent, especially after the defeat of Cairo’s ally in Libya.

Khalid Hassan | | Mar 17, 2021

Why Somalia is important for Egypt in Nile dam crisis

Egypt seeks to consolidate relations with Somalia for its important role in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis and to counter Turkish influence in the Horn of Africa.

A correspondent in Egypt | | Mar 16, 2021

Egypt, UAE call for rethink of Syria’s expulsion from Arab League

Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are calling for Syria to be accepted back into the Arab League as analysts say that its suspension has done little good.

Ahmed Gomaa | | Mar 15, 2021

Soccer academy for African refugees in Egypt

A South Sudanese man in Egypt recently opened an academy to teach and train African refugees passionate about soccer.

Ahmed Gomaa | Sports | Mar 14, 2021