Egypt’s city of Esna is slowly regaining its glory amid renewed interest in its heritage

The Ministry of Antiquities and an urban development company, with US funding, are advancing a major project to revive tourism in the city of Esna in Luxor governorate, by not only promoting its ancient heritage but also by implicating the locals.

A correspondent in Egypt | Cultural heritage | Oct 27, 2020
al-monitor Temple of Esna, Egypt, Oct. 18, 2014. Photo by Wikicommons.

Sisi appoints Salafist party members to Egyptian Senate

Although the Salafist Nour party failed to secure any seats in the Senate, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi decided to appoint two party representatives to the Senate.

George Mikhail | | Oct 27, 2020

Talks on Nile River dam to resume on Tuesday

The African Union-led talks begin amid continued tensions Sudan and Egypt have with Ethiopia over the massive hydroelectric dam. Negotiations have been on hold since August.

Al-Monitor Staff | Water Issues | Oct 26, 2020

Turkey-Egypt conflict in Libya goes to market

Ankara held an economic forum to introduce Turkish products to the Libyan markets, prompting the Egyptian-Libyan Joint Economic Chamber to warn against Turkish efforts to seize Libyan wealth.

George Mikhail | | Oct 26, 2020

Why women in Egypt continue to face violence

The killing of a young woman during a robbery in the streets of Cairo has raised the ire of activists, who continue to call for legislation to protect women against violence.

Albaraa Abdullah | Women’s rights | Oct 26, 2020