Algeria unrest

A new generation lays its predecessors' ghosts to rest

In Al-Monitor's latest longform, we look at young people throughout the Mideast who have been at the forefront of efforts to turn the page on decades of sclerotic and rigged politics in favor of a more democratic alternative.

Kenan Behzat Sharpe | Civil Society | avr. 9, 2020
al-monitor Photo by Photo illustration by Ed Woodhouse.

Algeria cites coronavirus amid ban on anti-government protests

Algeria's president called for measures that would prioritize citizens' health but restrict their freedoms.

Al-Monitor Staff | Algeria unrest | mars 18, 2020

Is France irked by Erdogan’s passion for Africa?

Erdogan’s efforts to boost Turkey’s economic role in Africa have been marked by outbursts maligning France’s colonial past, but there is more to Turkey’s Africa opening that fuels the bilateral spats.

Fehim Tastekin | Turkish economy | févr. 6, 2020

Will Tunisia have a seat in future Libyan dialogues?

Tunisia appears to have lost an opportunity to garner international support to help it cope with the crisis in neighboring Libya when it rejected an invitation to the Berlin conference.

Elizia Volkmann | Libya conflict | févr. 5, 2020

Intel: How the death of its army chief opens new era in Algeria’s politics

Algeria’s longtime army chief died of a heart attack Dec. 23, further upending a sclerotic political system already reeling from the departure of its longtime strongman president in April.

Julian Pecquet | Algeria unrest | déc. 23, 2019