Yemeni economy in free fall amid collapsing currency, COVID-19

The majority of Yemeni society bears the consequences and stands alone, unable to confront the ravages of war, division and the ongoing economic deterioration.

Mohammed Yahya Gahlan | Economy and trade | Jul 12, 2020
al-monitor Old and new Yemeni bank notes are pictured at a money exchange office in the southern port city of Aden, Yemen, Jan. 23, 2020. Photo by SALEH AL-OBEIDI/AFP via Getty Images).

COVID-19 puts Gulf entrepreneurs at crossroads

Innovative businesses could turn the pandemic-induced downturn into an opportunity to transform Gulf economies. Are government policies responsive enough?

Sebastian Castelier | Economy and trade | Jul 10, 2020

UAE seeks turnaround in relations with Somalia for help in Yemen war

The United Arab Emirates has offered Somalia to reopen a hospital in the capital, in exchange for backing the UAE’s involvement in the Yemeni war, but Somalia rejected this amid deteriorating relations between the two countries.

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey | Yemen war | Jul 10, 2020

R&D potential could be key to spark Saudi economy

The impact of COVID-19 and low oil prices has led to even further expected declines in Saudi Arabia's gross domestic product, but research and development could hold the key to an economic reset.

Reem Abdellatif | Economy and trade | Jul 9, 2020

Will formation of new government in Yemen lay groundwork for peace?

Despite agreeing to a cease-fire in south Yemen, it seems the chances of ending the conflict between the Saudi-backed government forces and the UAE-backed southern separatists and forming a new government are dim.

A correspondent in Yemen | Yemen war | Jul 9, 2020