Iran taps into emergency fund to compensate Ukraine flight victims

The Islamic Republic is to pay families of the victims of the Ukrainian flight it downed earlier this year. But the payment has been secured not from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps responsible for the missile attack but from an emergency fund meant for the public interest.

Al-Monitor Staff | Iran-US tensions | Nov 25, 2020
al-monitor (L to R) delegations from Ukraine and Iran meet in Tehran, Iran, on Oct. 19, 2020, for the second round of talks on compensation for the families of victims of Iran's January downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752. Photo by ATTA KENARE/AFP via Getty Images.

Talks ‘got us nowhere’: Iran’s supreme leader casts doubt on future negotiations

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's comments come as the Trump administration ramps up its maximum pressure campaign on Iran.

Al-Monitor Staff | Iran-US tensions | Nov 24, 2020

Iran to pursue legal action against US over medical sanctions

Tehran has struggled to contain the spread of the disease and accused Washington of cutting off access to a life support system.

Al-Monitor Staff | Coronavirus | Nov 24, 2020

Rouhani, Zarif face criticism for suggesting talks with US

While Iran seeks the removal of sanctions, some officials are not keen to reenter direct talks with the US.

Al-Monitor Staff | Iran-US tensions | Nov 19, 2020

US unveils new round of Iran sanctions, Pompeo pledges more to come

Targets in the latest round of sanctions include an Iranian charitable organization and Iran's intelligence minister.

Al-Monitor Staff | Iran-US tensions | Nov 18, 2020