With children infected by coronavirus, Israel fears second wave

Israelis have returned to an almost normal routine in recent days, only to discover the pandemic is far from over.

Rina Bassist | Education | Jun 2, 2020
al-monitor Kindergarten teachers and others wear face masks as they protest against the government plan to reopen kindergartens and schools for young children, as the spread of the coronavirus continues, at Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, Israel, April 30, 2020. Photo by REUTERS/ Amir Cohen.

European allies of Israel against Hezbollah, but also against annexation

Israel’s traditional allies in Europe promote resolutions against Hezbollah but also express clearly their objections to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s annexation plan.

Rina Bassist | Israeli-Palestinian conflict | Jun 1, 2020

Israel apologies after police kill unarmed Palestinian in Jerusalem's Old City

Hundreds of mourners called for revenge during processions in East Jerusalem on Sunday.

Al-Monitor Staff | | Jun 1, 2020

Intel: COVID-19 forces AIPAC to cancel 2021 conference

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is cancelling its 2021 conference in Washington amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, Jewish Insider reported on Sunday.

Al-Monitor Staff | Coronavirus | Jun 1, 2020

Temple Mount reopens amid growing tensions in Jerusalem

After the killing of Palestinian Iyad al-Hallak by an Israeli police officer, authorities fear conflict is brewing on the Temple Mount.

Rina Bassist | | Jun 1, 2020