Turkey deports 12 Islamic State-linked fighters to Finland

The move comes after European governments have largely declined to take back detained citizens with links to the terror group.

Amberin Zaman | Islamic State | Jun 1, 2020
al-monitor An Islamic State flag flies over the customs office at Syria's Jarablus border gate in a picture taken from the Turkish town of Karkamis, in Gaziantep province, Turkey, Aug. 1, 2015. Photo by REUTERS/Murad Sezer.

Reports: Children among the dead after Syrian rebels clash in Turkish-held Afrin

Clashes between Syrian rebel groups in the northern city of Afrin left at least two children dead Thursday.

Al-Monitor Staff | Armed Militias and Extremist Groups | May 29, 2020

What does Libya’s ‘Syrianization’ scenario mean for key actors?

Turkey may have gotten kudos for tipping the balance in Libya, but Russian countermoves raise the prospect of Turkish collaboration with Russia in the North African country, which is not to the liking of countries that have been giving plaudits to Ankara.

Fehim Tastekin | Libya conflict | May 29, 2020

Turkey's assault against Syrian Kurds leaves trail of misery and spin

Was a burn victim hit by white phosphorus during Turkey's invasion of Ras al-Ain in October? Whatever the reason, he and many others are still suffering.

Amberin Zaman | Turkish-Kurdish conflict | May 29, 2020

Russia to negotiate with Syria on more military bases: Interfax

Russia, which currently has two permanent military facilities in Syria, will reportedly hold talks with Damascus over obtaining more.

Al-Monitor Staff | Russia in Syria | May 29, 2020