COVID-19 breaks records in Turkey as health experts call for tighter controls

New daily COVID-19 rates hit record highs four days in a row in Turkey, prompting local health officials to call for more stringent social distancing measures.

Diego Cupolo | Coronavirus | Nov 24, 2020
al-monitor An Istanbul Municipality employee disinfects the Taksim Republic Statue in Taksim Square to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on March 18, 2020, in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images.

Top Netflix drama lays open Turkish divides

The Turkish Netflix series Ethos has been both praised for bridging the divide between Turkey’s feuding segments and disparaged for enforcing them with cliches.

Nazlan Ertan | | Nov 23, 2020

German mission searches Libya-bound Turkish ship, sparking backlash from Ankara

German forces intercepted a Libya-bound Turkish ship suspected of carrying arms, sparking the latest row between an EU member state and Ankara ahead of a key summit assessing bilateral ties next month.

Diego Cupolo | Libya conflict | Nov 23, 2020

US-Turkey ties under Biden: confrontation or conciliation?

The Biden era in Washington is looming as a tough test for Ankara, whose moves will largely determine how the scarred US-Turkish relationship develops.

Metin Gurcan | | Nov 23, 2020

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Erdogan seeks a way out

Ankara has to improve Turkey’s international image with major reforms in order to attract much-needed foreign capital but the jury is out on whether President Erdogan can do it.

Semih Idiz | Turkish economy | Nov 21, 2020