US commander suggests sending military trainers to Tunisia after Russia sends aircraft to Libya

Backed by military contractors, Russia deployed military fighter jets to Al Jufra Airfield in Libya, prompting the US Army to consider sending military training personnel to neighboring Tunisia.

Jared Szuba | Libya conflict | Jun 1, 2020
al-monitor A Tunisian security forces tank is seen through a car window at Dhiba by the Tunisian and Libyan border crossing, Tunisia April 11, 2016. Photo by Reuters/Zorha Bensemra.

US woman convicted of providing material support to Islamic State

Alison Marie Sheppard, 35, of Florida purchased 10 mobile phones and arranged to ship them to undercover officers posing as IS supporters.

Al-Monitor Staff | Islamic State | Jun 1, 2020

Intel: COVID-19 forces AIPAC to cancel 2021 conference

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is cancelling its 2021 conference in Washington amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, Jewish Insider reported on Sunday.

Al-Monitor Staff | Coronavirus | Jun 1, 2020

Intel: State Department approves $1.4 billion upgrade for Kuwait’s missile defenses

The US State Department approved Kuwait’s request for $1.425 billion in upgrades for the Gulf country’s Patriot missile defense systems.

Al-Monitor Staff | Military Industry | May 29, 2020

Intel: Trump administration pursues new Saudi arms deal despite investigation

The Donald Trump administration is doubling down with a new arms deal for Saudi Arabia despite an investigation into last year’s $8 billion emergency weapons sale to Riyadh, a key Senate Democrat revealed in a CNN op-ed Wednesday.

Bryant Harris | Military Industry | May 27, 2020