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Blinken warns Nile Dam talks could ‘boil over’

Biden’s nominee to be secretary of state promises "fully engaged” US policy in Horn of Africa, as the crisis between Ethiopia and Sudan escalates.

Week in Review | Water Issues | Jan 22, 2021
al-monitor Antony Blinken speaks during his confirmation hearing to be Secretary of State before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Jan. 19, 2021, in Washington. Blinken addressed some of the issues involving the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam at the hearing. Photo by Alex Edelman-Pool/Getty Images.

Is Israel’s Arab Joint List breaking up ahead of March elections?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu campaigns in Nazareth for the Arab vote.

Week in Review | Israeli elections | Jan 15, 2021

Hamas scrambles for relevance in post-normalization Middle East

Egypt urges Palestinian reconciliation in midst of diplomatic surge, as Hamas keeps options open with Iran and Syria.

Week in Review | | Jan 8, 2021

Four must-read books on Trump’s Middle East policies

What we learned from Michael Wolff, John Bolton and Bob Woodward about the Trump administration and the Middle East.

Week in Review | Trump | Dec 31, 2020

Sudan’s fragile transition boosted by turnaround in ties with US, Israel

Khartoum is also a key broker in the Nile River dam talks with Egypt and Ethiopia.

Week in Review | | Dec 24, 2020