The award-winning multilingual news platform covering the Middle East is relaunching to help a wider, global audience better understand the region.

Washington, D.C. (Aug. 23, 2017) Al-Monitor, the global media organization covering the Middle East and founded in 2012, relaunched today with a brand-new site, expanding its coverage scope and announcing several new initiatives including audio programming and content for new platforms. Al-Monitor covers the pulse of the Middle East via its award-winning, multilingual platform that publishes a diverse set of perspectives, going behind the headlines with in-depth analysis. With over 160 authors, contributors, editors and reporters, Al-Monitor seeks to attract a global audience who wish to deepen their understanding of the Middle East.

“I am thrilled to be introducing the new Al-Monitor,” said founder Jamal Daniel. “With the relaunch of Al-Monitor, it is my hope that we will be able to engage and introduce an even wider, international audience to the people, politics and culture of the Middle East.”

With the launch of the new site, Al-Monitor encourages the international audience to connect with the Middle East and go beyond the headlines with in-depth storytelling of the people, politics and culture of the region. Readers have the opportunity to travel from region to region, exploring and understanding the trends and topics driving the day. The redesign includes:

  • Expanded Washington Coverage: A big emphasis on the new site is the expansion of Washington coverage. The D.C. team is led by our Washington editor Julian Pecquet, as well as diplomatic and White House correspondent Laura Rozen; and we recently announced the hiring of Bryant Harris as congressional correspondent, and Jack Detsch as our Pentagon correspondent. Our coverage of the relationship between Congress and the Middle East will be an important focus for us.
  • Culture Section: So often we hear about the conflicts and crises in the Middle East but there is so much more to the region. With the launch of the culture section, headed by Nazlan Ertan, our coverage aims to remind our readers of the vibrant tapestry of art, culture, film, music, food and history that permeates the Middle East.
  • Platforms and Podcasts: We are excited as we expand our scope to include video programming and podcasts, and widen our reach to newer audiences. Earlier this year, Al-Monitor launched a podcast called “Off the Hookah with Phil and Cooper.” The show unpacks the complex issues that our authors are writing about and aims to help those interested in the region deepen their understanding.

Al-Monitor publishes six days a week in five languages with a team of translators across the globe.

About Al-Monitor

Al-Monitor is a global newsroom headquartered in Washington, D.C., with a network of over 160 authors and analysts around the world. Al-Monitor seeks to monitor the Pulse of the Middle East via its award-winning, multilingual platform that publishes a diverse set of perspectives on the Middle East, thus bridging the gap of information available to those in the Middle East as well as those with a desire to better understand a region that is so rapidly changing.