How Cairo’s Heliopolis heritage managed to remain uncovered

The residents of Cairo's Heliopolis neighborhood have succeeded in stopping a government decision to build a new bridge in the heart of its historical and heritage area.

A correspondent in Egypt | Cultural heritage | Feb 15, 2021
al-monitor Restoration works are ongoing at Baron Palace built in the early 20th century by Belgian industrialist Edouard Empain, in the classical Khmer architectural style of Cambodia's Angkor Wat, Heliopolis district, Cairo, Egypt, Aug. 18, 2019. Photo by Khaled Desouki/AFP via Getty Images.

Egypt to start building high-speed railway from Red Sea to Mediterranean

Egypt and German’s Siemens recently signed an agreement to start establishing a high-speed railway network connecting the Red Sea and Mediterranean coasts, as part of Egypt’s efforts to develop its decaying sector.

Rasha Mahmoud | Infrastructure | Jan 20, 2021

Iraq's western Anbar province getting back on its feet, eyeing autonomy

Iraq’s Sunni-majority Anbar province has in recent months completed a number of infrastructure works in the hope of attracting more investment as the US troops' presence winds down, amid debate over the possibility of carving out an autonomous region.

Shelly Kittleson | Infrastructure | Oct 30, 2020

How Egypt is developing its Golden Triangle

The Egyptian government is currently developing the Golden Triangle area, which was recently designated as the richest in iron, copper, gold and phosphate minerals.

Rasha Mahmoud | Infrastructure | Oct 1, 2020

World War II site becomes promising tourist destination in Egypt

As part of the government’s plan to redistribute Egypt’s growing population, a project to turn a World War II site into a resort that also includes residential units is currently underway in north Egypt.

Amr Emam | Tourism | Aug 31, 2020