Iraqi elections

Iraqi parties scramble ahead of new October election date

The High Electoral Commission’s need for additional time to update constituents' records requires that the government postpone early elections until October, while political parties publicly oppose the new date and secretly support it.

Omar Sattar | Iraqi elections | Jan 29, 2021
al-monitor An Iraqi woman updates her voter registration at the Independent High Electoral Commission Center in the southern city of Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar province, Iraq, Jan. 12, 2021. Photo by Asaad Niazi/AFP via Getty Images.

Iraq’s general elections pushed to October

The added time shores up Baghdad’s preparations for a more legitimate election process; but time is running out for protesters who fear the government will ignore their demands.

Al-Monitor Staff | Iraqi elections | Jan 22, 2021

Iraqi government presses ahead with early elections next year

The Iraqi government is striving to make the legal and political preparations for elections in June 2021, amid multiple political and security challenges.

Omar al-Jaffal | Iraqi elections | Dec 11, 2020

France signs financing agreement with UN to support Iraqi elections

The UN-France deal supports Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission ahead of early elections slated for next summer.

Al-Monitor Staff | Iraqi elections | Nov 11, 2020

Iraqi parliament votes on final version of electoral law

Iraq's Council of Representatives voted on the electoral law, which, if passed, will put forward the program for early elections scheduled for next June.

Omar Sattar | Iraqi elections | Nov 2, 2020