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What now for Turkey in Cyprus and eastern Mediterranean?

The election of Turkey’s favorite candidate in the Turkish Cypriot presidential elections may create more problems than opportunities for Ankara in the eastern Mediterranean.

Barin Kayaoglu | Border Disputes | Oct 23, 2020
al-monitor The drilling ship Yavuz, which was scheduled to search for oil and gas off Cyprus, is seen at the Turkish port of Dilovasi, outside Istanbul, on June 20, 2019. Photo by BULENT KILIC/AFP via Getty Images.

Can Russia benefit from Turkey-Greece spat?

In light of the conflict in the eastern Mediterranean between Turkey and Greece, Russia may be looking to strengthen its ties with Greece in order to further its interests in the region.

Anton Mardasov | Border Disputes | Oct 22, 2020

Iraq invites international bidders to Mansuriya gas field

As Baghdad feels added strain from OPEC+ production cuts and continuing economic woes, the country invites international energy companies to compete for oil and gas development.

Joe Snell | Oil and gas | Oct 20, 2020

Hezbollah rejects Lebanese delegation at maritime border talks with Israel

Lebanon's two main Shiite parties said the negotiating team in the border talks shouldn't include civilians.

Al-Monitor Staff | Border Disputes | Oct 14, 2020

Turkey resumes energy research in disputed waters

A Turkish seismic research vessel has resumed energy prospecting activities in disputed eastern Mediterranean waters, sparking renewed tensions with Greek and EU leaders, who called on Ankara to end its "provocations."

Diego Cupolo | Oil and gas | Oct 14, 2020