Russian influence

Egypt moves ahead with purchase of Russian arms despite US warnings

Russian media reported that Egypt has received five Sukhoi Su-35 advanced combat aircraft despite US threats to sanction Cairo over the Russian deal.

A correspondent in Egypt | Russian influence | Mar 3, 2021
al-monitor Russian Sukhoi Su-35 and Su-34 military aircraft fly over the Russian national flag on the Kremlin palace in Moscow on May 7, 2019, during a rehearsal for the Victory Day military parade. Photo by YURI KADOBNOV/AFP via Getty Images.

The Israel-Russia-Syria deal: Cost, beneficiaries and future deals

As Israel and Syria conclude a deal on the return of an Israeli woman from Syria, questions arise regarding the cost and what the future of such transactions with Russian mediation should be.

Micky Aharonson | Russia in Syria | Mar 1, 2021

Does ‘Syrian trio’ of Russia, Iran and Turkey have a future?

There are signs that the Astana talks on the Syrian war — which began in 2017 and are sponsored by Moscow, Ankara and Tehran — have little prospect of making progress going forward.

Kirill Semenov | Syria Conflict | Feb 19, 2021

Russian interactions with Palestinians seen as all talk, no action

Russia is showing its reach with Palestinian factions in advance of elections, but there is still no sign that Moscow is having an impact.

Adnan Abu Amer | Palestinian elections | Feb 18, 2021

Will Russia and Turkey withdraw their proxies from Libya?

The UN delivers a potentially game-changing win for diplomacy, but the United States wants Russian and Turkish mercenaries out of Libya.

Week in Review | Russian influence | Feb 12, 2021