Turkish-Kurdish conflict

Turkish drone strike kills two senior Iraqi officers, army says

Officials say the Tuesday strike targeted a meeting between Iraqi border officials and Kurdish militants.

Al-Monitor Staff | Turkish-Kurdish conflict | Aug 11, 2020
al-monitor Turkish helicopters fly during an attack on a Kurdistan Workers Party camp Oct. 30, 2007 in the Cudi mountains, Sirnak province, near the Turkish-Iraqi border, southeastern Turkey. Photo by MUSTAFA OZER/AFP via Getty Images.

Turkey strikes PKK targets in Iraqi Kurdistan Sulaimaniyah province

It is less common for Turkey to bomb the Kurdish armed group there. More of the Turkey-PKK conflict in Iraq takes place in Dahuk near the Turkish border.

Al-Monitor Staff | Turkish-Kurdish conflict | Aug 8, 2020

State Department remains concerned by Turkey’s proxy fighters in northern Syria

Turkey-allied fighters have faced widespread accusations of arbitrary detentions, extrajudicial killings and other abuses in northern Syria.

Elizabeth Hagedorn | Turkish-Kurdish conflict | Aug 5, 2020

KRG seeks US help to rein in Turkish attacks

While the United States has denied rumors that a US military delegation met with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party in the Qandil mountains, sources tell Al-Monitor that a team of US special operations forces went to inspect sites damaged in Turkish airstrikes.

Amberin Zaman | Turkish-Kurdish conflict | Aug 5, 2020

Can Syria's Kurds reel in Turkey with profits from American oil deal?

The recent deal signed between the SDF and a US oil company is as much about political brinkmanship as oil.

Amberin Zaman | Oil and gas | Aug 4, 2020