Al-Madaq: A new virtual archive documenting Cairo’s history

An Egyptian historian created a website that reviews the history of Cairo through several historical maps, texts and photographs.

A correspondent in Egypt | Architecture | Aug 10, 2020
al-monitor Map of Cairo dated 1920. Photo by Facebook/Al-Madaq.

To you

A poem reflecting on Beirut's latest tragedy, and the evergreen resilience of its people.

Daria Daniel | | Aug 5, 2020

Destruction of historical tombs raises controversy in Egypt

Architects and archaeologists in Egypt are angered by the demolition of the Tombs of the Mamluks in Cairo to establish a road project.

A correspondent in Egypt | Archaeology | Jul 31, 2020

Gaza band plays music to uplift spirits, bring hope

The Street Band plays music for free in Gaza's public places, in a attempt to help Gazans forget their daily sufferings.

Sanaa Saida | Gaza | Jul 20, 2020

No more Big Fat Wedding: Turks struggle to be wed in times of the coronavirus

From bejeweled masks to dummy brides, Turks struggle to combine tradition with new social distancing rules.

Nazlan Ertan | Coronavirus | Jul 10, 2020