Egypt backs Sudan’s new proposal on Nile River Dam

Egypt announced its support for the Sudanese proposal to develop the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam negotiations mechanism, by forming an international quartet for mediation and that observers believe aims to pressure Ethiopia to make concessions in the negotiations and sign a binding agreement between the three parties.

Ahmed Gomaa | Water Issues | Mar 2, 2021
al-monitor Sudan's Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Yasser Abbas (C) participates in a videoconference with his Egyptian and Ethiopian counterparts (unseen), Khartoum, Sudan, Nov. 1, 2020. Photo by Ebrahim Hamid/AFP via Getty Images.

How Egypt benefits from gas agreement with Israel

Egypt and Israel agreed to establish a pipeline connecting Israel’s offshore Leviathan natural gas field to the liquified natural gas terminal in Egypt, a move that was hailed as a major step toward economic, political and security gains for Cairo.

Ahmed Gomaa | Oil and gas | Feb 28, 2021

Supporters hope jailed activist will benefit from Egypt-Palestine warming

Egypt's increasingly harmonious ties with Palestinians are raising hopes that prominent activist Ramy Shaath will be removed from Egypt's terror list and released from prison.

Shahira Amin | | Feb 28, 2021

Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta pushes birth control to stem overpopulation

Egypt’s top fatwa authority, Dar al-Ifta, launched on Feb. 17 a hashtag to promote birth control and family planning methods to give a boost to government efforts to control the rapid population growth by providing a religious cover.

Mohamed Sabry | | Feb 27, 2021

Egypt's plan to remove the Quran from school textbooks faces backlash

Egypt’s parliamentary Defense and National Security Committee is discussing a plan to remove any mention of Quranic verses from the curriculum and limit them to religious courses, claiming to be part of a plan to fight extremism.

A correspondent in Egypt | Education | Feb 27, 2021