US sanctions two Houthi military leaders after attacks on Saudi Arabia

The administration's revocation of the Houthis' terrorist designation has been met with further missile strikes.

Jared Szuba | | Mar 2, 2021
al-monitor Armed Yemeni tribesmen loyal to the Shiite Houthi rebels sit in the back of an armed vehicle during a gathering to mobilize more fighters into several battle fronts on Nov. 1, 2016 on the outskirts of the capital Sanaa. Photo by MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP via Getty Images.

Iran says 'time not ripe' for negotiations with US

Tehran has said Washington's proposed inclusion in negotiations over reviving the Iran nuclear deal cannot work unless the United States lifts sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Al-Monitor Staff | | Mar 2, 2021

China, Iran relations widen amid renewed nuclear talks

While pressuring Washington to drop sanctions and renew the JCPOA, Beijing has expanded trade and military relations with Tehran and its neighbors.

Joe Snell | Iran Deal | Mar 2, 2021

WATCH: Pentagon releases video of Iran ballistic missile attack on Iraq air base

More than a dozen ballistic missiles rained down on Ain al-Asad and Erbil air bases in Iraq last year after the United States killed Qasem Soleimani.

Al-Monitor Staff | Iran-US tensions | Mar 1, 2021

Rouhani says US has no choice but to lift sanctions

Iran wants the United States to remove all sanctions before it accepts an invitation to talks.

Al-Monitor Staff | Iran-US tensions | Mar 1, 2021