Lebanese pound falls to all-time low on black market as people protest

Lebanon's harrowing economic crisis worsened when the pound fell against the dollar again on the black market.

Al-Monitor Staff | Economy and trade | Mar 2, 2021
al-monitor A demonstrator wearing a Lebanese flag mask makes a fist as she stands next to flaming tires cutting off a road in the center of Lebanon's capital, Beirut, late on March 2, 2021, during a protest against deteriorating economic and social conditions. The Lebanese pound at one point during the day hit an all-time low of 10,000 pounds to the dollar on the black market. Photo by ANWAR AMRO/AFP via Getty Images.

Lebanon’s vaccination campaign stumbles at launch

As politicians skip the line to receive their coronavirus vaccine, questions arise about the quantity of vaccine doses Lebanon has and will receive and if it’s enough to inoculate the local and refugee population.

Sarah Abdallah | Coronavirus | Feb 25, 2021

World Bank warns Lebanon after politicians, staff cut line for vaccine

Lebanese lawmakers have denied any wrongdoing, say underlying medical conditions were the reason for their early shots.

Al-Monitor Staff | Coronavirus | Feb 23, 2021

Oil spill reaches shores of Israel, Lebanon

An oil spill earlier this month is threatening the eastern Mediterranean, but many details on the incident are unknown.

Al-Monitor Staff | | Feb 22, 2021

Autopsy of slain Lebanese intellectual Lokman Slim shows no torture

Slim's wife said an independent autopsy was necessary and is also calling for an international investigation, as opposed to leaving it up to the Lebanese government.

Al-Monitor Staff | Courts and the law | Feb 9, 2021