Hezbollah agrees to IMF help, under conditions

Lebanon’s powerful Shiite group Hezbollah has agreed to the International Monetary Fund potentially stepping in to help the country deal with its worst economic crisis in decades.

Wael Taleb | | May 29, 2020
al-monitor A view shows closed shops inside a commercial center in Beirut, Lebanon, Feb. 19, 2020. Photo by REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir.

Lebanon’s economic crisis is decimating its middle class

The middle class in cash-strapped Lebanon is having a hard time making ends meet as salaries have been slashed and banks are imposing informal capital control, all compounded by the coronavirus-induced lockdown measures.

Michal Kranz | Economy and trade | May 25, 2020

Two men arrested in US for allegedly helping Carlos Ghosn flee Japan

The former Nissan executive fled Japan for his native Lebanon while on bail following being charged with financial crimes.

Al-Monitor Staff | Courts and the law | May 20, 2020

Lebanon begins to reopen after four-day lockdown

Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced Lebanon would move ahead with a five-part plan to reopen the economy.

Al-Monitor Staff | Coronavirus | May 18, 2020

Lebanese bank official arrested for alleged currency manipulation

Lebanon's central bank denied the allegations; the Lebanese pound's value has decreased significantly amid the ongoing economic crisis.

Al-Monitor Staff | Banking and Finance | May 15, 2020