Lebanon's Baalbeck Festival moves world audience with dramatic online performance

Lebanon's beloved Baalbeck Festival has survived various challenging times, and this year was no exception.

Marita Kassis | Music | Jul 8, 2020
al-monitor Maestro Harout Fazlian leads a rehearsal ahead of the "Sound of Resilience" concert inside the Temple of Bacchus at the historic site of Baalbek in Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley, on July 4, 2020. Photo by AFP via Getty Images.

How Caesar Act could hurt Lebanon's Tripoli

With residents of Tripoli already suffering shortages under Lebanon’s mounting system-wide collapse, the US Caesar Act promises to both hinder investment in Tripoli and increase cross-border smuggling.

Michal Kranz | | Jul 8, 2020

Israel approves exploration, bidding on disputed offshore field

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz announced June 23 the opening of bidding for drilling in Block 72, off Israel’s northern shores, which Lebanon says is adjacent to its own fields.

Rina Bassist | Oil and gas | Jul 6, 2020

Lebanese banks raise exchange rate to dollars as crisis worsens

A member of the government's IMF negotiations team also resigned in opposition to the government's handling of the worst financial crisis in decades.

Al-Monitor Staff | Banking and Finance | Jun 29, 2020

Lebanon probes blast near ex-PM Hariri’s convoy

The attack in the eastern Bekaa Valley came as Lebanon's anti-government protest movement ramped up.

Al-Monitor Staff | Terrorism | Jun 29, 2020