Report: Russia building new military base in northeast Syria

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the news coincides with tensions between Kurdish and Russian forces over the M4 highway.

Al-Monitor Staff | Russia in Syria | May 28, 2020
al-monitor Russian and Syrian forces are seen at the Nasib border crossing with Jordan in Daraa, Syria, July 7, 2018. Photo by REUTERS/ Omar Sanadiki.

Intel: EU renews sanctions on Syrian regime

The European Union renewed its sanctions against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for another year.

Jared Szuba | Syria Conflict | May 28, 2020

Putin appoints third special envoy to Syria

Putin's decision to appoint a new special envoy for developing relations with Syria likely has several aims, including to balance military and diplomatic involvement in Russia's Syria policy.

Anton Mardasov | Russia in Syria | May 28, 2020

Erdogan dashes hopes of Turkey-Israel reconciliation

The resumption of El Al cargo flights to Turkey does not mean that relations between Israel and Ankara have thawed.

Amberin Zaman | | May 27, 2020

Intel: Russian jets intercept US Navy plane over eastern Mediterranean

Two Russian fighter aircraft intercepted a US Navy patrol plane over the eastern Mediterranean.

Al-Monitor Staff | Russia in Syria | May 27, 2020