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Biden administration shouldn’t stop with Yemen

The United States can also play a key role in diplomacy to end wars in Syria and Libya.

Week in Review | Yemen war | Feb 26, 2021
al-monitor Saudi-backed government troops repel a Houthi rebel offensive on oil-rich Marib, some 120 kilometers (75 miles) east of Yemen's rebel-held capital, Sanaa, on Feb. 14, 2021. Photo by AFP via Getty Images.

Can Turkey fit into the Biden administration’s Syria policy?

The gnarliest problem: Pentagon report says Syrian, Iranian proxies are "most significant" threats to US mission, but the Islamic State isn’t dead yet, and Turkey and the United States still disagree on the Kurds.

Week in Review | Syria Conflict | Feb 19, 2021

Will Russia and Turkey withdraw their proxies from Libya?

The UN delivers a potentially game-changing win for diplomacy, but the United States wants Russian and Turkish mercenaries out of Libya.

Week in Review | Russian influence | Feb 12, 2021

Syrian Kurds hoping for lifeline from Biden administration

Damascus, Ankara and Moscow turn up the heat on US-backed group; UN Syria envoy says, "We can’t continue like this."

Week in Review | Syria Conflict | Feb 5, 2021

Post-COVID Mideast economies look to the Gulf and Egypt

The region took a hard hit from the pandemic, and it’s far from over, but Egypt and Saudi Arabia are managing better than expected.

Week in Review | Economy and trade | Jan 29, 2021